ICT Operator Review Training

ICT Review Training Approach

 The ICT training sessions will consist of 5 days of training (8-hours per day; from Monday 8 am through Friday 12 pm covering the materials presented in the respective Need to Know Criteria for Class I and II (Levels 1 and 2) operators presented by ABC for the new 2017 certification exams. It has to be clear that this is a very compressed training schedule and will rely on the operator additional reading/studying to be successful in passing the certification exam. ICT will follow mostly the OWP Sacramento (Ken Kerry) field manuals and will indicate the related chapters for a related topic to help the operator with the additional reading.

ICT will include hands-on presentations, pre and post assessments, and will be providing the ADEQ Operator Certification free practice exam during Friday's morning session (or alternate quizzes coming from the Sacramento manuals). The customer will provide the respective OWP Field manuals to the operators for a better topic knowledge retention.   

ICT Open Training Options

ICT training schedule can be flexible to meet the entity training needs. The 5-day training can be provided in a single week or it can be distributed through a period of time (i.e., several weeks or months based on the entity's operators availability for the training). ICT realizes that the operators also need to perform their existing plant functions at the same time they go through the training. An all-day (8-hour day) may not work for all cases but a reduced daily schedule (such as a half-day or evening sessions) might work for those instances. 

ICT Individualized Tutoring Services

 ICT can also provide individual  tutoring services (one-to-one) that can help the operator master some specific topics (such as basic math and the math applied to water and wastewater). Solving water/wastewater Math problems has been reported nationwide to be one of the issues about why the operators might not be passing the certification exam. There are a lot of resources available in the internet about solving water/wastewater math problems. However, the ICT tutor can help to review and explain these math solving procedures. Please contact ICT for more information about this service.

ICT Training Calendar

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