Arizona Operator Certification

The ADEQ Operator Certification program

 ADEQ’s Operator Certification Program establishes guidelines to ensure that only certified operators make decisions about process control or system integrity that affects public health. The program establishes minimum standards for certification and re-certification of the operators of drinking water and wastewater systems. You can find more information about the program and operator certification requirements HERE

Ordering Certification Exams

GateWay Community College is the entity that provides the operator certification exams on behalf of ADEQ in Arizona. GateWay a variety of testing dates at the college campus as well as at different testing facilities around Arizona. Click HERE to learn more about testing ordering and requirements.

ICT Operator Certification Review Training

The ICT training sessions will consist of 5 days of training (8-hours per day; from Monday 8 am through Friday 12 pm covering the materials presented in the respective Need to Know Criteria for Class I and II (Levels 1 and 2) operators) presented by ABC for the new 2017 certification exams. It has to be clear that this is a very compressed training schedule and will rely on the operator additional reading/studying to be successful in passing the certification exam. ICT will follow mostly the Ken Kerry field manuals and will indicate the related chapters for a related topic to help the operator with the additional reading.

ICT can also provide individual  tutoring services (one-to-one) that can help the operator master some specific topics (such as basic math and the math applied to water and wastewater). Solving water/wastewater Math problems has been reported nationwide to be one of the issues about why the operators might not be passing the certification exam. There are a lot of resources available in the internet about solving water/wastewater math problems. However, the ICT tutor can help to review and explain these math solving procedures.